SEO Marketing Strategy for Your Business

23rd February 2019

What is SEO Marketing Strategy?

Adopting SEO Marketing Strategy is the best business objective in the current economic scenario. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of positioning and improving the online visibility of the website or web pages, blogs in the Search Engines, technically Google Search Results.

In general, SEO is meant for Organic Search results where business owners have to optimize their websites for search Engines and need not have to pay for visibility.

Google Ranking can be achieved through SEO practices by increasing the quality & quantity of traffic i.e visitors to your websites.

Why SEO is necessary for today’s business?

SEO is the process of driving organic traffic to your websites from leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu & Youtube.

If you do not have a proper SEO strategy in place, then you are losing money on day-day by not leveraging the benefits of SEO.

  1. People search for Products & Services
  2. People trust the products & Services of Google’s higher ranking
  3. Increasing brand awareness
  4. Increase your Sales
  5. Gives Competitive edge
  6. Newmarket Penetration
  7. Is a silent sales member
  8. Higher ROI
  9. Attracts Quality Talent
  10. Affordable monthly cost

How to implement SEO in your business?

SEO is a long-term strategy; it may take 6-12 months to achieve the top rankings.

Google Search Engine facts,

  • 37% of search engine clicks are on the first organic listing.
  • 40,000 searches every second
  • 3.5 billion searches per day
  • 2 billion people online

SEO can be implemented through the Google Ranking Factors that determine your ranking; Google uses over 200 factors to rank webpages for SERPs. Below are the top 3 ranking factors for website optimization.

On-Page SEO:

Meta Descriptions, Meta Titles, Content Quality, Content-Length, Content Freshness, URL Structures, Internal Links, Outbound Links, Image Title Tags, Keyword Usage, Site Depth, Rate of Audience Engagement, Redirects, Duplicate Content, Social Tags, Broken Links

Off-Page SEO:

Number of Inbound Links or backlinks from other websites & blogs

Technical SEO:

Site Speed, Mobile Friendliness, Crawl ability, Meta Security, Secure Forms, and Data Entry

SEO Workflow:
  • Find Target Keywords – Pick a profitable keywords
  • Check the current Rankings – Website current rankings for your selected keywords
  • Fix the onsite issues – Issues holding your rank back
  • Optimize pages – Keywords rich content on landing pages
  • Get rid of toxic links – Remove your Backlinks profile that dragging your ranking down
  • Build the quality Backlinks – Expand your high-quality link profiles

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